On the Frustration & the Beauty of Repetition

As a child I thought I despised repetition. Little did I know that I actually loved it, and practiced it. Just not at school.

“Skill development depends on repetition…” I am reading a book by the American sociologist Richard Sennett on the position and the role of The Craftsman in society. An interesting book. But that sentence would have made me angry. At least, when I was young.

When I was a child I was convinced I hated repetition. I hated it all through elementary school and all through high school. At least, that is what I thought. But I was made to repeat tasks that were much too simple for me. Now I know, that if they had given me Chinese characters to learn, told me to repeat them hundreds, thousands to times, I would have gladly done so. Continue reading “On the Frustration & the Beauty of Repetition”

Priorities and costs

Lately I’ve been reconsidering my priorities. There was a time I was mostly focussed on efficiency, trying to not waste time, fulfilling goals in optimal curves. But it started to bother me, realising that whatever I would try to accomplish, no-body would care whether it was done optimally or not. Graduating within the prescribed time-frame doesn’t give me a better job (or any job at all, for that matter).
“I had this vague idea that I would try to get the most pro-capitalist job ever and try to screw the system from the inside. But these places know better than to employ philosophy graduates.” (p.307 in my present ‘fun lit’, the amazing “PopCo” written by Scarlett Thomas)
So, I’ve be re-considering my priorities. With regards to whom to call and treat as friends, with regards how to spend my productive moments.
Priority etymologically refers to that what is prior in time, first. Only later on it became a first-in-rank-business. Perhaps it is the same. I have the inclination to believe that originally, we as human beings, as a race, but also us individually, know very well who we are and what we can and cannot do. Unfortunately this is distorted over time, through media, friends, everything they call education. We stopped listening. The knowing that was prior, disappeared. We all give in to the yoke of mediocracy – by stopping to question all the influences form the outside.
That’s why we should always give priority to what was original and is still originally what and who we are. At least, I feel this duty – as a human being. And I cannot but see other human beings as also having this duty.
All we do is the result of a choice. (If not – then why bother with education, public discourse and the likes?) I choose priorities. Even though it has and will continue to cost me. Friends and relationships. 
But it costs them much, much more.

popco close up
popco close up (Photo credit: naufragoenlasopa)