The Burden of the Freedom to Philosophise

“…freedom to philosophise can not only be granted without injury to Piety and the Peace of the Commonwealth, but that the Peace of the Commonwealth and Piety are endangered by the suppression of the freedom.”

The chairperson of the Dutch parliament has some books standing on her desk, an old Wikipedia article informed me. Three books that symbolize – well, something. An importance, a specific guidance, a reminder of the standards we set ourselves? The million-dollar-question is of course: which books are these? Continue reading “The Burden of the Freedom to Philosophise”

Recensie: In naam van God – geweld en religie

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Het nieuwste boek van Karen Armstrong is vanaf afgelopen woensdag in Nederlandse vertaling in de boekwinkels te vinden. Een zeer actueel boek, nu de discussie over de verhouding tussen geweld en religie weer hernieuwd is opgelaaid.
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