The Intrinsic Paradox of Life

There is something intrinsically paradoxical in life. Probably there are more paradoxes, but lately I’ve been struggling with this one, and that is definitely enough for now.
It has to do with this wanting to live. I truly don’t understand where this will comes from. Especially if you live in a world like ours, in which the most one can do to create meaning, is to be helpful, supportive, or any such other rather positive things, for someone else. Someone who is just as average and whose life is just as meaningless as your own. Then what is the reason to help this other person? (Or, for that matter, to bring someone new into this world. Although I get how cute children can be, it is really just another mass of cells waiting to die, and to suffer this meaninglessness in the meantime.)
Of course, the people who really are thinking things through and cannot settle for the enjoying-life-principle as a sufficient reason to live, those people have already taken the one exit-option available. The ones that are still walking around the earth are the optimists, or the pessimist who have settled for the next best thing. It is the Darwinian principle that makes the settlers to continue living, and in a sense it makes the enjoying-life-as-meaning the correct theory.
But this is only the case when life itself has value. And this cannot be proven. Still, it seems wrong to live life merely as a way to fasten the way to Death.
If there is any reason for art to exist – besides the process of making art I mean – than it must be to heal the souls of anyone who is facing this fundamental paradox in life.
Time for some Canto Ostinato, by Simeon ten Holt.

Hot hot hot

Today was a good day. First a meeting with a friend, to brainstorm about some voluntary work we’re doing at a school with the goal of challenging the 16-19 year olds to think about the meaning of life and start taking responsibility for their own lifes. The last meeting there had made the both of us pretty down, but this morning some how we started to get all this energy, and we made some incredible plans, which we presented to the staff at the school later, and they were happy (although they didn’t really show it extremely well). Then we had a session with four new youth, very challenging, maybe I’ll reflect on that later, seperately.
And this evening I played Agricola (boardgame) with my mum, of course I won, but it was a lovely game and we had a lot of fun.
But overall, today was way to HOT to really do anything, but after all, a pretty good & productive first day of my holidays!
Ow, and I’ve started reading a book on Heidegger by Rudiger Safrinski. I read his book on Nietzsche before, and was impressed by that, and my metaphysics teacher pointed me in the direction of this book in class a few weeks ago, so I just got it from the library, especcially to start my holidays in a perfect way 🙂