Kindness – A glimpse of Hungary

Those who travel to places they do not call home, have at least one thing to occupy themselves with: expanding the very few experiences they have in the specific continent/country/city/area and generalizing them into infinity.
As I’m travelling in Hungary at the moment, I’ll do the same. It’s all I can do, faced with the limited amount of time and resources (one mind, one body) I’m dealing with…
Two of these experiences worth mentioning – mind you, I’ve been in Hungary for 2,5 days now – revolve around ‘kindness’:
– I got up in the metro for an elderly lady. I pointed at the chair that was now empty, ready, waiting for her. She looked at me confused, then sat down. Not a single smile, thank-you, or word. She just sat down, didn’t look at me for the rest of the journey.
– In a very nice café (see picture) I spent most of today’s hottest time of the day (between 11 and 15). When I asked for the bill, it didn’t mention the very lovely cake I ate. So I told them, and he simply said, ow yes, than it is wrong, you will need to pay X, I will give you a new receipt. I was amazed, paid the new requested amount and left. Café Central, Budapest
Therefore, I conclude, that Hungarian people don’t know how to deal with kindness of other people. It is weird for them that somebody does something for someone else, they are not used to it.
But, of course, my conclusion should be more like this:
I am used to being thanked (either with a gesture or a word or two) when I do something which I think is the right thing to do. Therefore my act is not pure, it is still self-centred as I expect a reward which makes me feel good. Therefore, although I think I do good things, I am actually just building my self-esteem at the expensive of the time and effort of other people.