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In a time of slogans and opinions, when in 140 signs the course of history can be changed, the need for contemplation and reflection is more important than ever. Can we in this age in which information is abundant, in which democracy seems to equal the necessity of having an opinion, still create space for rigorous thought?

The Goal of Thinking: Beyond or In the Bubble of the Present?

Whereas the humanities are under fire in universities and in the public arena, I decided to make thinking my main occupation, and to make this my service to humanity. Being a philosopher, I read and write, acknowledging the value of both ancient texts that form the basis of our paradigms, as well as the current blurbs that fill our every-day life. Literature, music, film, as well as scientific discovery – all take place within the epistemic space which is both formed by, and creating the thoughts that we have. But are these frames of thoughts, these discourses, something true in themselves? Can we even question the bubble within we find ourselves, or are we stuck?
Through careful analysis and contemplation I aspire to give an opening, because this is the only way in which conversation and a listening between different actors can come about. My writing takes place in a place that is an in-between, not theoretical philosophy, not anthropology or philology. Not a Nietzschean rant, not a popular philosophy that is aimed at selling and being “motivational” or “inspirational”. Rather I question the questions that occupy the public discourse. Why do we want to be entertained, why is value measured in numbers? Why are these questions a nuisance?

Areas of interest

Some of my areas of interest in which I question the privilege that is included in discourse that does not question itself, are (but not limited to):

Go Steady with a Philosopher!

Provide independence of thought. In order to think, a certain type of independence is important. Universities, media outlets and publishing houses become more and more concerned with commercial interests and public image. Thinking can have no such limits. Sometimes in history philosophers would be given a place at court, to educate the new generation and to write and work on their systems of thought. These courts have disappeared, but instead there is now the opportunity for a larger audience to both support and have the benefits of the philosopher.
Be involved. Thinking should not take place in any ivory tower. Which is why a philosopher needs an audience, not to be heard, but to be in conversation with. To give input. To break through theoretical nonsense. Therefore I do not only ask for monetary support, but also ask for input – in the form of questions you would like me to work on, and in the form of conversations (using Skype / Hangout / etc.)
Go Steady. Thinking and writing, for me, require a quiet space. One of the largest disruptions of this quietness is the stress over future employment, and income. Which is why I ask people to go steady with a philosopher. Freelance thinking is most effective when the stress of basic income is removed. I do not need much to live, food and shelter, an internet connection, paper, and books. I do not intend to make enough money to live through Steady, but this would take away the stress over finding new projects that allows me to work on long-term investigations of truth into underlying concepts in society, while continuously writing about this to keep my audience informed of my developments.

About Nicole

During obtaining my PhD in Philosophy, Critical Thinking and Art (European Graduate school, 2015) I started to work as a freelance philosopher. I write, think, consult, teach, for individuals, students and media outlets – in both English and Dutch. I am interested in breaking barriers between philosophy, social science, and science, and am involved in a post-doc project in China in which we think and work around the question ‘what are values’ in a sustainable environmental setting. I travel to places to give talks, for instance in 2016 about ‘Can women think?‘ in the USA, and about big data in Switzerland. Underlying all my work in a passion for the question: what is radical change? My dissertation was entitled ‘The Necessity of the Impossible‘. In the past two years I have written and finished three book manuscripts that do not fit with any publishing company (so far). And here is more information about my writing projects.