Lyotard & My Fear for New Humans

Why is the idea of a possible future in which non-humans are capable of doing what humans can (referring not to the enormous amount of unbelievable irrelevant things, but: reflexive thought) so frightening?
Shouldn’t I be just as frightened about my human neighbour when it comes to my being, my ability to ‘earn a living’?
Isn’t every newborn baby a much bigger threat?
But this is a non-issue. Robots who have human capabilities are to be considered humans, a new breed of humans. The fact they are not born as human beings are born nowadays, that they are not confined to nutrients as we are, does that make it impossible to call them humans?
According to Lyotard, accomplishing these kinds of robots is the ultimate goal for human beings, as it secures human thought even after the Pure Event, after the solar explosion. Interesting thoughts, on a Friday afternoon…


Lately I’ve been getting more convinced of something I’ve been thinking for quite some time now… that we, human beings, make our lives so difficult for ourselves. But even when you’ve realized this, it’s hard to distance yourself and get over things.

Injustice is one of those things I can’t get over easily. Especially in cases in which you’ve fought and struggled so hard to bring justice to it. In the end, one has to find peace in oneself, the world will not bring justice anytime soon. But how is that attitude to be distinguished from giving up?

Perhaps I think too much. Perhaps I think too little.