Writing on Medium and a new short story in a Publication

Writing, publishing, and writing some more… 35 short stories in the past eight months!

Lately I’ve been exploring another platform where you can post your writing: Medium. It has some clear positive features: 

  • It has a large audience, so possibility to be read by many people.
  • You can continue to edit and delete your stories (every ‘post’ is called story).
  • When you post member-only, it is possible to earn money for your piece, depending how many people actually read it and ‘clap’ for your story.
  • Communities of writers to promote a specific type of writing, based on an interest or type of writing, are called ‘publications’. It’s possible to write something for a publications, and thereby getting more exposure (possibly).

I’ve been using Medium for about four weeks now, and earned my first money (several dollars) through it. And now my first short story was published through a publication on Medium!

A dark short story dealing with the superfluousness of knowledge – which can be read here for free: Empty is the New Full. Based on a prompt, provided by ‘The Weekly Knob‘.

Future of Writing

I’m not sure about the best way of going forward. Writing so far is just something I love doing, and it hasn’t yet paid my rent. Something I discuss here, about the volunteering called ‘freelancing’. For now, I’ll just keep writing. And keep my stories free for as long as possible.

Eight months ago I joined Steemit, and met a lot of fiction writers through there, which made me write again. In these months I’ve published 35 short stories that I’m proud of. Which means I’ve published at least 4 every month. You can find a list with links to read them for free here. I’m also writing other short stories, longer ones, that I’m preparing for or already have submitted to journals and magazines.

And if you want to support me while writing philosophical fiction or fictitious philosophy, you can always become a supporter through Steady, a platform where you can subscribe to a monthly plan of your choice.

And now, back to writing fiction…

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