Are you ready for Steady? For when you’re serious about writing

Serious writing requires serious support.

So… you would like to make (more) money with writing things. Sure. Easy peasy. Right? Well… are you ready for steady?

Well, maybe it’s not that easy. Earning steem is nice. Or getting paid for an article being published here or there. But it is also pretty unpredictable. At least it is less predictable than the amount of rent you need to pay each month. And let’s not forget the electricity bills, and all those other things that pile up. Living is expensive.

So I’d like to introduce to you: Steady. A tool used by quite some online writers and online magazines to get a steady flow of support.

Writing as a profession

Writing is an expensive thing to do. It takes a lot of time, especially if you are serious about it. If you’ve moved beyond the idea that ‘I have talent and just write what comes to me and people will love to read it’ and ‘inspiration comes and then I write’, then you might know what I am talking about. (If you do think that it is ‘inspiration’ or a magic ‘hand of some higher being’ that is making you write, maybe you don’t need to earn money with your writing…)

I know many people might not agree with this opinion about what writing is, please go read ‘The Art of Fiction’ by Ayn Rand, the first two chapters will suffice to underscore my point about the art and nature of writing.

So, when you want to write professionally, this will take a lot of time and dedication. Perseverance. Courage. And… support.


Support can come in many different ways. The writers group I’m in (The Writers’ Block, @thewritersblock) provides heaps of moral support, virtual shoulders to cry on, and resources for improving your skills. Another type of support I find in books. I am reading lots of books by authors about writing, about the art of fiction, about their process, about their skills. And there are also great blogs from fellow authors here on steemit (for instance this post on the importance of knowing your process by @vaughndemont).

But there is also this thing called monetary support. Steemit is great for this, as there is the potential to be paid when you write good content. But when you are around for a few months, you’ve probably noticed that shitty content often gets rewarded much more. And getting noticed by the big whales is very difficult. This doesn’t mean that steem is not a great platform. But it’s good to diversify.


So I’d like to show you this tool called Steady: main website.

Steady is a platform where people like you and me can create a profile and showcase your work and ask for people to sign up for a monthly donation. Yes, not a one-time donation, but a regular donation. People can unsubscribe any at moment and you get to decide the level of possible donations. You can set personal goals (like: 100 paying followers or 100 USD per month) and give people different goodies when they sign up.

And you can integrate this with simple buttons and fly-over and even paywalls on your own website. Super easy. And free.

This might sound difficult, but it’s not. Take for instance a look at my page:
And on my personal website you can see Steady in action:

There you can see that you can support philosophical fiction, my personal niche.

I wrote something about myself. About my aspirations as a philosopher and writer of fiction. About my conviction that my stories should be available for anyone who would like to read them, so no pay-walls, no ads, no nothing. Only the option to support me.

Choose a plan

So it’s possible to buy me one or more cups of coffee each month, and in return you get a newsletter and some other nice goodies. The golden supporters will even receive my new books (hard copy) as they come out (next one in september 2018).

Interested to support me beyond an upvote? Go to
Interested in also starting your own Stead-base to get a steady group of supporters/income? Go to

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