Truth has never been sexy – let's focus on the real issues please

It should be extremely clear to everyone that truth is besides the point. And has been for decades already. 

Truth does not exist. It is not something you can simply point out and say: look at that, that is the truth. Truth is made. Truth exists only in a particular world, in which specific rules and regulations about what is reality matter. Truth is always subjective, as it depends on which world you live in on what kind of rules you will follow, what truth-procedures you follow. And truth is always objective, as within that specific world with its truth-procedures, that truth is the truth, no matter who says it or who thinks it. That is the truth, and nothing but the truth (so help me God).

Why debate what is truth?

I’ve been following the news, and the debates. Ever since living in the US for a while last year, and the election of Donald Trump and his persistence to make a distinction between truth and non-truths. Post-truths. I wonder why people are still focused on this thing called ‘truth’. As it should be extremely clear to everyone that truth is besides the point. And has been for decades already.
Trump calls journalists and news outlets fake, he says they bring fake news. And they feel attacked, and respond by saying that they are telling the truth. But that is totally not the issue here.
The issue is, that some people have more rights than other, to say whatever they want. (And thus the issue is about freedom of speech!)
The issue is, that whatever is said most and loudest, is the truth. (And thus the issue is about the merging of politics and the media, which should at all times remain separate in order to avoid dictatorship!)
And that is why Trump has a problem with people calling him out on things. Not because they expose him. He doesn’t care about those things. He only cares about the air time, the waves, the traction.

Truth has never been sexy. Truth doesn’t sell.

So whatever the ‘truth’ – it can never really hurt, as long as it is made sure that the experienced truth – the truth that matters – is what is produced by repetition, by indoctrination, by exposure.
And this is why we should immediately cease talking about ‘truth’ and ‘lies’. And start talking about the fundamental right of the freedom of speech and the freedom of media.
This is also nicely said in an article at the Washington Post:

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