Derrida on response & non-philosophers

Thinking the beyond, the impossible, is the experience of the aporia. This is…

…not necessarily a failure or a simple paralysis, the sterile negativity of the impasse. It is neither stopping at it [the aporia, NdB] nor overcoming it. (When someone suggests to you a solution for escaping an impasse, you can almost be sure that he is ceasing to understand, assuming that he had understood anything up to that point.)

(Derrida, Aporias, p.32.)
Derrida’s response when warned that the piece he was asked to write was meant to be for non-philosophers:

I’m familiar with that warning (…) To whom do you want me to address myself! For centuries now, I have been waiting for statistical arguments on this subject. Does this addressee exist? Does he or she exist before a reading which can also be active and determinant (in the sense that it is only then that the reader would determine himself or herself)?

(Derrida, In: Language (Le Monde on the Telephone))

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