Hot hot hot

Today was a good day. First a meeting with a friend, to brainstorm about some voluntary work we’re doing at a school with the goal of challenging the 16-19 year olds to think about the meaning of life and start taking responsibility for their own lifes. The last meeting there had made the both of us pretty down, but this morning some how we started to get all this energy, and we made some incredible plans, which we presented to the staff at the school later, and they were happy (although they didn’t really show it extremely well). Then we had a session with four new youth, very challenging, maybe I’ll reflect on that later, seperately.
And this evening I played Agricola (boardgame) with my mum, of course I won, but it was a lovely game and we had a lot of fun.
But overall, today was way to HOT to really do anything, but after all, a pretty good & productive first day of my holidays!
Ow, and I’ve started reading a book on Heidegger by Rudiger Safrinski. I read his book on Nietzsche before, and was impressed by that, and my metaphysics teacher pointed me in the direction of this book in class a few weeks ago, so I just got it from the library, especcially to start my holidays in a perfect way 🙂

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