Philosophical Investigations

Being a philosopher, one thinks. This might seem obvious, but thinking is much more than what is obviously thinking. By investigating a matter, by turning the tables when necessary, not as a sophistry, but as a method to observe the facets of truth that are often hiding behind the surface, it is possible to uncover the impossible.
Seeing what is in front of you, not only requires a fresh set of eyes. It also requires a well-trained mind that can ask the obvious questions anew. Prejudices hide the truth. Philosophical inquiry uncovers what is considered lost.
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Some sources of inspiration for this type of inquiry:

  • Philip Kerr’s interesting crime novel ‘A Philosophical Investigation‘, in which philosophy is the assailant and the key to solve its mystery.
  • Wittgensteins’ ‘Philosophical Investigations‘ (Of in het Nederlands: ‘Filosofische Onderzoekingen‘)  in which Wittgenstein showed how thinking doesn’t make others having to think less, but how it can inspire people to start thinking anew for themselves.
  • An interesting article about a philosophical investigator in NYC. (Telegraph 18th of December 2017)