Spark in the Darkness – another short story

A story about… well, not going to spoil it.

I think I can say I’ve added another type of writing to my portfolio. After academic papers, poetry, philosophy for general audience and blogging–next up: fiction and short stories.

Part of my pull towards this lies in my enjoyment of reading. Mostly literary works, but the occasional dark detective and science-fiction, historical fantasy, what-not. (Did you know you can follow me on goodreads if you’re interested to see what I read? Yes, I know, this year I haven’t read much yet… too much writing going on.)
One thing that stimulates me lately in writing fiction, a new domain for me, is to have joining a small but dedicated group of writers who are open, direct and honest in their feedback. Who are nerdy like me, and who so far don’t seem to mind having a mad philosopher in their midst.
This story I wrote this past week, using a picture as a prompt. It is an entry for a contest on Steem. My entry is about two trees, and I don’t guarantee a happy ending.

Read  ‘Spark in the Darkness‘ on Steemit.

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