Uitnodiging: Filosofische Salon

Filosofie is een zoektocht naar inzichten, naar zienswijzen, naar kijken voorbij het zwart-witte kader waar je je in bevindt. Leuke uitdaging? Welkom bij de Filosofische Salon!

Welkom bij de Filosofische Salon, een variatie op de literaire salons uit voorbije eeuwen, waarbij denkers en schrijvers elkaar ontmoetten om de wereld te bespreken. De revolutie begint in de huiskamer, toch? Deze filosofische salon vindt daarom plaats bij een filosoof thuis. Een avond om samen te spreken en naar anderen te luisteren, waar elke avond ingegaan wordt op een filosoof en/of een filosofische bijdrage aan een hedendaags thema. Er is ruimte voor inbreng van de deelnemers, maar er is ook een programma mocht niemand door middel van een open vraag de avond willen beginnen.

Woensdagavonden, 19:30 – 22:00. Voor thee en koffie wordt gezorgd.
PWYWPay What You Want – betaal wat je wil, aan het einde van de avond staat er een potje.

Datums in januari en februari 2019:
9, 16, 23 en 30 januari
6, 13, 20, 27 februari

Er is een maximaal aantal gasten per avond, graag van tevoren aanmelden (per avond) via: nicole.nobyeni@ gmail.com [zonder spatie]

Vol is vol. Mogelijke wachtlijst indien iemand afzegt.

Adres: Nuenen Centrum (bij aanmelding stuur ik je volledig adres)
Gratis parkeren mogelijk. Bushalte Nuenen Centrum 10 minuten loopafstand.

Download hier de PDF uitnodiging mocht je die willen verspreiden.

What Do Mermaids Do in Winter? — Short Story

Her tears froze half-way down her cheeks. Summer had left overnight while he had packed his bags. Why hadn’t she brought gloves?

Marika took up the ball that was laid down at her feet and threw it far away. Rayleigh ran after it, hairs flowing up and down, just a few seconds slower than her small body. A few moments later the dog was back again, ball pressed between teeth.

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The Prison on the Dark Side

It’s always dark on the dark side.

“Get up!”Benjamin was rudely shaken from his slumber. His feet were still cold, but he had just managed to loose consciousness for a few seconds when the guards got to him again.

He started crying.

“Stop crying. We’re going. You know the deal. We have to move you to the other base.”

Benjamin quickly got out of what was supposed to be his bed. A tiny layer of hay and a blanket that had seen better days. He knew better than to ask if he could bring his blanket. When he’d have this blanket and the blanket that was waiting for him at the other prison together,  he’d probably be able to sleep a bit.  Continue reading “The Prison on the Dark Side”

Madam Maxime :: Short Story

You don’t always go where you think you’re going.

“Welcome to flight 39221. My name is Elsebeth and I’ll be your hostess for today. I am here to make this experience as pleasant as possible. Would you like a drink, sir?”

Harold looked to his right, to what was supposed to be a window, but there was nothing to see. Just a vast blackness that extended until forever. At least, that’s what it looked like. It wouldn’t go on forever, obviously.

“When will we be arriving?” He turned to the lady wearing a purple dress that fitted her tight like a second skin, carefully covering her five tentacles.

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Mr. Dog Here — Short Story

The impossible can only happen when you are able to see it.

“Hello, how can I help you?” This was the fun part of his job, David knew. That moment he picked up the phone and anything was possible. It was why he always volunteered for the weekend shift. No stupid assistant to take his calls. Now he didn’t have to miss out on all the fun. A sheep in labor that needed his help, a cat that had thrown up his own bowels. Of course, most days nothing exciting like that happened. Lately, the most pleasurable thing he got to do was snipping the balls from guinea pigs. But even that got boring after a while.

“Kind Sir. Am I correct to think that you the veterinarian?”

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Growth — Flash Fiction

A short story of exactly 100 words.

This is a drabble, which is a specific type of story of exactly 100 words. Including the title. This one is written especially for a contest organised by The Writers Block on Steemit, based on the prompt that was given: fighting & rays, which had to be included in the story.

Image from Pixabay (CC0)


It felt like the thing to do. Slowly I moved on. Everybody thought I was ridiculous, they couldn’t see me moving. But I knew I was going in the right direction, going up. There was no other way to go, fighting against something invisible that tried to keep me in the dark. The lack of resources, of time. Existence seemed meaningless. I was all alone, resisting the urge to give up.

But when I moved my first leaves above the soil that had trapped me, I felt the rays warm me. It was all worth it. Spring once more.

Self-Termination :: Short Story

Punishment is not what it used to be.

Jack tapped his fingers on the arm rest. “Are we going yet? I want to get this over with.”

His case-worker looked over some files. “In a minute, this is your fifth visit, right?”

“Isn’t that your job to keep track of my rehabilitation?” Jack looked at him with big innocent eyes behind which he was hiding all the mischief in the world.

Brad sighed. Fifth meeting. He hated those. “Okay, we’re going. You’re in for a treat. Today we’re going all the way back to 2021.”  Continue reading “Self-Termination :: Short Story”

Writing on Medium and a new short story in a Publication

Writing, publishing, and writing some more… 35 short stories in the past eight months!

Lately I’ve been exploring another platform where you can post your writing: Medium. It has some clear positive features:  Continue reading “Writing on Medium and a new short story in a Publication”

Too Old for This :: Original Short Story

“Can he breathe fire?”

Lara shrugged. “How should I know?”

They were huddled below the blankets, whispering. Lara had insisted upon complete secrecy. Tim felt too old for these kind of games, but something in his sister’s eyes told him that this wasn’t a game. Not this time.  

“But he’s YOUR dragon!” Tim shook his head. How could you have a dragon but not know if it could make fire? What kind of person doesn’t know that?

“Its name is Lennart. And he is four, like me.”

“How do you know it’s actually a dragon? And not a big crocodile or something?”

Lara pinched him in his arm, real hard. “Lennart told me, silly. And I’ve never seen a crocodile walk on two legs. Have you?”



Tim wasn’t sure Lara wasn’t just pulling his leg. His little sister was a lot of things. Annoying, stubborn, undiplomatic. But he had never caught her lying. “Okay. I believe you. Where is this dragon of yours?”

Lara giggled. “You cannot see him, silly. He’s an imaginary friend.”

Tim threw back the blanket and got on his feet. He wanted to be angry at his sister, but all he felt was sadness. Growing up was stupid.

Flash short story written for @mctiller’s weekly 24hourshortstory contest on Steemit.

Checking In :: Short Story

Checking in to a mental institution shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

“Excuse me? Hello!” Daniel pressed the button again. Finally he saw some movement through the glass door.

The door opened and a man wearing a white coat popped his head through the opening, scouting the surrounding. His hair was undone and his glasses were thick, like the ones from the 70s. Daniel didn’t really think about it, though. Anyone working at an asylum must be at least a bit crazy themselves, right? Although that was probably not politically correct. It was a mental hospital, for the mentally disturbed, or something like that. All those bullshit social rules, and the government still wondered why people were going mad?  Continue reading “Checking In :: Short Story”